November 21, 2018
From the perspective of Baryn Futa, it is virtually impossible to overstate the immense societal importance of the fine arts. They are the primary identifier of every society and, as a necessary and defining element of any culture, the arts are a touchstone from one generation to another. The purpose for preserving art now is so that our descendants can know something about us. Baryn Futa’s love of art came somewhat late in life, when he retired and took a job with the Denver Art Museum.

It was then that something sparked in him then, but he has since developed a great appreciation for what the fine arts mean to every culture. Baryn Futa not believes we owe it to our grandchildren to preserve as much art as possible for the future. He possesses a high level of certainty about the value of art, especially when you consider that he does not have an entire life of appreciation for art and artists. Baryn Futa is now a major art supporter and patron, with a phenomenal collection of art pieces, which he loans to museums, to bring a greater appreciation for art on the part of the public.